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Privacy Terms


Your privacy has prime importance. This Privacy Policy has been developed to secure the confidentiality of your personal information. We try to abide by foreign legalities but do not guarantee this. Everything possible for the protection of your privacy rights is done at the systems and the website under our control. We are, however, not liable for illegal or illegitimate disclosure of your confidential information by third parties that are not under our control, like websites having links to our website, or advertisers. Moreover, the privacy terms of our business partners, sponsors, advertisers and such, whose links are provided in this website, may differ. We may change our privacy policy without notice. You are requested to review this policy from time to time to remain updated.

The categorization of your information here is as:

  • Profile: Information provided during registration for a service, including gender, age, marital status, likes, dislikes, etc.; financial information like bank details, information about your income, living, etc.; contact information like your physical and postal addresses, phone number, fax, etc.
  • Payment / Account Data: Account history comprising information like bills, communication, payment, etc. These data are stored in secure servers.
  • Service Usage: Your navigation as you use our Services, like the websites you visit and from where you download.
  • Log Information: History of transactions (not banking information) regarding e-commerce dealings
  • Correspondence: Content regarding your correspondents, and the source or destination of your communications with people using our services, like email, chat room, blg, discussion forum, instant messaging, fax, membership in recipient lists, expert forum, etc.
  • User IDs: Your security credentials such as username, password and email address used for availing our Services.
  • Stored Data: Information that you or a third party create so as to store on our servers, like images, documents, etc. The sole purpose of data accumulation is for business and service improvement. We do not sell or trade on your Personal Information.

Your Personal Information will only be disclosed following this Privacy Policy. We will not use it otherwise without your written consent. In the case that you refuse to share your personal information with us, we will sadly not be able to avail our Services. If you share information related to our Services in an open environment like a community, blog or discussion forum, it will not be treated as confidential, or a part of your Personal Information, and will not be protected by our Privacy Terms. Third parties may accumulate such information and use it for their ends. Be, therefore, careful while sharing any personal information in public environments, because it will remain accessible to our partners, other service providers, competition sponsors, etc. unless explicitly stated otherwise. We are not questionable regarding any damage caused to you or third parties due to your disclosure of Personal Information in public environments. Thus, disclosure of information publicly is at your own risk.



Accepting Terms of Service means that you give consent to our collection and storage of your Personal Information while you utilize our Services based on the limitations specified in this policy.


2.1 Your Profile and Account Information is collected because

  • Your relationship with us is managed and Services provided by using details such as identity, contact, banking, and account history. This data helps in suggestions and promotions. This information is only revealed as specified.
  • Some of your information is collected to develop statistics and demographic profiles for activities pertaining to our business and marketing.


2.2 Collection and Storage of your Service Usage and Transaction Data is for:

  • Determination and verification of Service Charges that you pay, and administration of your relationship with us.
  • Compliance with regulatory or statutory needs.
  • Compilation of statistics and demography for business and marketing, and customization of Services. Although we use your information for our business needs without limitations, we only disclose it in aggregated forms incapable of use or interpretation such that your identity is revealed.
  • Monitoring utilization of our Services by you to ensure that it complies with


2.3 Collection and storage of your Correspondence Data and Personal Identifiers is for:

  • Compliance with our legal obligations.
  • Monitoring your utilization of our Services for ensuring compliance with We collect and use your aggregated information assuring that it does not individually identify you. It can be used at our discretion, without providing you any compensation, for legitimate reasons covering (without limitation) commercial sale to third parties. “Cookies” may be used for storage of your preferences and tracking trends, for enhanced interaction and general improvement of our Services. You have the choice to set your browser such that it notifies you whenever you send a “cookie” and gives you the option of accepting or rejecting it. By accepting a “cookie”, you give consent to us for using any information that we collect through that “cookie”. Profile information can be updated by you on the website whenever you need. You acknowledge and concur that your Personal Information may be shared by us with our affiliates (a subsidiary of our holding company, our subsidiary, our holding company, or any entity under our control, sharing our control, or controlling us), under control and securely, for improving personalization and efficiency in service.



Occur as law prescribes when we are required to disclose, monitor, intercept, and/or store your Personal Information for:

  • Legal obligations;
  • Business purposes;
  • System security; or
  • Enforcement of our own rights.

Interception, revealing, monitoring or storage for such purposes is not required to be known to you. Any damages caused therein will not be our liability. Your Personal Information may be monitored to ensure compliance of all Users with our Terms of Service, the extent of which will be as required for determination of compliance and/or detection of non-compliance. Monitoring of your Personal Information may also be for security and integrity of our Services, and this includes filtering sent and received data messages for identification, limitation and/or prevention of spam, viruses and/or illegal, calumnious, absurd or otherwise unwanted content. We may, in some situations, procure a component of our Services from a third party. In this case, you agree that we may disclose your Personal Information to such a third party to the necessary extent.