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Terms Of Service


Please go through the following document carefully as your utilization of Services is possible only if you accept and comply with these terms and conditions.

Through subscription to or use of any Services, you consent to have read, understood and are bound by our Terms, irrespective of media used for subscription or use. You must not subscribe to or use our Services is you do not agree to abide by our Terms. These Terms and other policies bind according to the Information Technology Rules, 2011 devised under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

“You” or “User” in these Terms refers to the end user that accesses the website and uses its Services. “Service Providers” are liberal third party service providers. “We”, “us” and “our” refers to Varun Exports.



www.teddytoes.in is a content and ecommerce website on the Internet, licensed by Varun Exports, a legally incorporated under Indian laws.

Availing this website is subjected to your agreement to all terms, conditions and notices in these terms, unmodified. The website has the right to not accept a user’s registration without need to clarify reasons.



Successful registration with the website will assign you an account designation and a password. The confidentiality of your password and account, and all activities within it. You consent to:

  1. Notify teddytoes.in immediately if your password is used without authorization, or there is a breach of security otherwise.
  2. Ensure that you log out of your account at the end of a session.

We are not responsible for any damage due to your failure in complying with this Section.



We provide numerous Internet-based services through teddytoes.in. One of the services is to allow users to buy merchandise like footwear and accessories. The purchase from the website is possible though several payment methods. The sale shall be under the specific policies such as cancellation, return, etc. and all of these are available in this website. The Terms of Service shall also be governed by conditions specific to products, which will be available the Product display page.



You express and consent that you have completely read and understood our Privacy Terms, and that all terms under this Privacy Policy are accepted by you.



You agree and tries not to reverse engineer, alter, copy, transmit, propagate, show, perform, publish, reproduce, derive from, license, transfer, or sell any data or software obtained from our website. You are permitted to limitedly reproduce or copy the content as long as our name is specified as the source, and our written consent has been acquired beforehand. To clarify, unlimited or wholesale reproduction, copying content to commercial or non-commercial ends, and unpermitted modification of data within the website’s premises is not allowed.



You agree that the website and Services will be used only to post and upload proper messages. For instance, and not as a limitation, you undertake that you will not, while availing yourself of a Service:

  • Calumniate, abuse, stalk, harass, threaten or otherwise violate others’ legal rights.
  • Publish, upload, post, propagate or distribute any topic, material, name or information that is absurd, unsuitable, calumnious, infringing, profane, illegal or indecent.
  • Upload files with software or material secured as an intellectual property, unless you are the owner or controller of the rights, or are permitted to.
  • Distribute or upload files that contain virus, are corrupted, or otherwise damaging software or programs, harmful to the website or another person’s system.
  • Carry out or propagate surveys, pyramid schemes, contests, or chain letters.
  • Download files posted by others that you are aware or rationally should be aware is not allowed such distribution by law.
  • Falsify or remove author attributions, proprietary designations, legal or proper notices, source or origin labels of software or other material composing an uploaded file.
  • Violate code of conduct or guidelines applicable to Services.
  • Violate corresponding laws or regulations applicable at the time within or outside India.
  • Violate, unethically manipulate, exploit or abuse any of the terms of service mentioned in this Agreement or any other terms pertaining to the use of the website mentioned anywhere else.



You guarantee, warrant and certify that you own the content submitted by you, authorized to be used by you, and that such content does not contravene others’ rights of property, intellectual property, or other rights. You also warrant that, as far as you know, there is no action, suit, investigation, or proceeding established or warned against any content formerly or presently used by you, including trade name service mark, trademark, and copyright.



We disclaim that the finish and appearance of Products as the user has ordered is not guaranteed. Your expectations from any product, service, information or other material purchased from us may not be satisfied. Limitations pertaining to the availability of the product, error in size charts, etc. may cause us to alter someaspects of the order, like the brand, size, color, etc. You consent that we will send an approval, and if you do not accept the change request, you have the right to reject the change in due time.



Unless mentioned otherwise, we own the Intellectual Property Rights to and into our Website, including without limitation all rights, interest, and title to copyright, patents, trademarks, service marks, knowledge, inventions (irrespective of patent), trade secrets, source code, databases, content, icons, hyperlinks, graphics, text, meta tags, goodwill, designs, trade names, utility models, and related rights. You acknowledge and agree not to reproduce, use or distribute any of our content without authorization.

Moreover, any content you provide or upload while use of a Service will be owned by you and considered your responsibility. Such content includes text, images, music, video, information or data uploaded, transmitted or stored. However, by uploading content in public environment, you grant non-exclusive license for its use.



The website may contain links to other sites that are not under our control, and we are not responsible for their contents including without limitation links in those sites. We do not account for any transmission to you from a linked site. These links are only provided for convenience, and we do not endorse through inclusion of any links. You should verify the accuracy of data by yourself before relying on it.



We have tried to ensure the correctness of all information on our website, but do not warrant or represent the quality, completeness or accuracy of data, product, information or service. We are not liable for any kinds of damage due to:

  • Ability or inability to utilize Services or Products
  • Unauthorized modification or access to user’s data or communications
  • Other service-related matters, such as damages caused by use or performance of the website or its Services

We do not account for delay or unavailability of the website, provision or failure of services, or any information, product, service, software, etc. related graphics from the website. We are not responsible for unavailability during maintenance or unplanned suspensions caused by technical or other factors. Any downloaded/obtained data from the website is at your own discretion, and you are responsible for any caused damage or loss of data in your computer system.



You agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us against losses, claims, damages, expenses, costs, liabilities, etc. asserted or incurred by us due to any non-conformance or non-performance of warranty, agreements, covenant or representations obligated through these Terms.



  • We have the right to terminate your use of the website or its Services if we believe that you have breached, abused, unethically manipulated, exploited, or violated any Terms, or behaved unethically otherwise.
  • After termination of your account by you or us, we may delete your information and are not liable to you or others.
  • Any products purchased before termination will be paid for by you.



These terms are constructed based on and governed by laws of India. Conflicts and disputes shall be under jurisdiction of the court of law.



 In case any Terms or their provisions are determined invalid, the remaining part of the provision will remain in effect.